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Safety Reimagined Ecosystem

Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Ecosystem Explained.

Imagine a security solution that’s simple to deploy, easy to use, provides real-time visibility, and catches threats before they become breaches; saving time and money while providing more peace of mind.

Safety Reimagined is the first unified communications platform that unifies voice, data, video, and analytics into one integrated system. This technology ecosystem connects people, processes, and systems to create a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing is optimized. Our technology ecosystem is designed to solve security challenges in today’s changing threat landscape and increase efficiency by providing real-time visibility and actionable intelligence into the enterprise. Companies are investing in more and more technologies to help them stay safe, secure, and productive in the workplace. 


When it comes to public safety, you need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively.  Safety Reimagined is the future, but today's solutions are complicated, expensive, and hard to use, and they're not all built with public safety in mind. Now you can access real-time information about your work enviroment and share information with others in a timely manner. With Motorola Solutions' Safety Reimagined Platform,  you get an ecosystem of devices that connect people from the field all the way back to the command center.

Motorola Solutions has reimagined how safety is delivered by developing
the first and only solution that unifies voice, video, data and analytics in
a single platform. With one integrated technology ecosystem supported
by a single, trusted solution provider, your organization can achieve the
foundation of safety that everything else is built on while also reducing
costs, stress and risk. Safety Reimagined is a unified solution that
enables individuals, businesses and communities to work together in
more powerful ways.  Your organization’s time is precious and managing the communications, video and software that comprise your security technology ecosystem can be a time-consuming, challenging task.

Wtih the Safety Reimagined Ecosystem, you can automate your workflows, manage operations, configure your technology and control your security. For example, your team can utilize  Safety Reimagined Ecosystem to create "if-this-then-that" workflows that automatically send notifications from situational awareness tools instantly to appropriate staff, directly on their communication devices.  Safety Reimagined Ecosystem combines artificial intelligence with digital business logic to help organizations like yours configure how you detect, analyze, communicate and respond to events.


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Safety Reimagined Ecosystem

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